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Наша компания занимает передовое место среди лидеров украинского ІТ-рынка и ориентируется на high end оборудование. Мы осуществляем разработку, "доведение" специализированных ІТ-решений под конкретную задачу и их комплексную интеграцию "под ключ". Кроме этого, имеем собственное производство серверов, систем хранения данных и кластерных систем.

Raritan, Inc. USA

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An industry pioneer, Raritan was established in 1985. Today, we are a leading provider of power and energy management, KVM and access solutions.

We offer IT and facility directors, managers and administrators the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve data center productivity and enhance branch office operations. In over 50,000 locations worldwide, our integrated in-band and out-of-band products help companies monitor and manage their energy, servers and other IT devices. Our intelligent PDUs, combined with energy management software and environmental sensors, offer remote power control and monitoring at the rack and device level, empowering data center owners with information to improve uptime and capacity planning, while efficiently utilizing energy to save power and money. And our access solutions, including KVM, serial and centralized management devices, offer unprecedented control of servers to maintain mission-critical environments.

After two decades of profitable growth and technical innovation, Raritan products are used to control millions of servers at more than 50,000 data centers around the world. Our long list of customers includes global names like IBM, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, the United States Post Office and NASA.