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 The TSLAB company was founded in 2015, but our friendly staff for the twelve years of its existence has become a leader in the development of high-end information systems. Notably, we has produced a super-computer data-processing center and created the biggest cluster in the CIS based on the Intel Itanium2 processor.

 We deliver design and install services in the following fields:
• fault tolerant and disaster tolerant data centers;
• high performance computing systems (HPC clusters, supercomputers);
• high availability computing systems solutions (fault tolerant servers, HA clusters);
• storage systems solutions for on-line data processing including backup, restore and archive options;
• IT hardware control and monitoring systems on the basis of KVM solutions;
• structured cable systems for IT infrastructure.  

 The mission of TSLAB is to build IT systems that completely fulfill our customers' needs. To increase sales, profits and maintain our position in the Ukrainian IT-market is important. However, assisting our clients to achieve their goals and organization improvements gives our team maximum satisfaction.

 The TSLAB team of IT-professionals are totally committed and have allowed us to build an impressive client list in only 12 years. High energy and creative thinking have been a major reason for our success with both business and government clients.

 Our contact information:
• phone: +38 (044) 360-64-64;
• e-mail:;
• headquarter address: 1 Oranjereina Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.